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Respite Meals


Respite Dinners are a fantastic initiative that provides caregivers with a valuable break from the daily responsibilities of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after meals. Caring for a loved one can be emotionally and physically demanding, and taking a night off from these tasks can make a significant difference in a caregiver's well-being. 

Able Faith Inc. will make every effort to assist community caregivers; unfortunately, it cannot help all who request assistance.

Respite Dinner gift card amounts vary depending on available funding and number of applicants.  Due to limited funds, there is a lifetime limit per recipient.

The disclaimer from Able Faith Inc. communicates a clear message regarding the organization's limited liability and the assumption of risk by individuals participating in the respite dinner program. The statement emphasizes that by accepting any help from Able Faith Inc., individuals are willingly accepting all associated risks. This underscores the importance of individuals making an informed decision about participating in the program and understanding the potential risks involved

Caregiver Information
Does the patient require mobility aids outside the home (i.e., a wheelchair, walker, walking cane, etc.)?
Is the patient on a bowel program?
Does the patient have control of their bladder?
Do you take care of people other than the patient?
Does the patient receive Social Security or Disability assistance?
Can you provide proof of Social Security or Disability assistance?
May Able Faith contact you via TEXT MESSAGE? Receipt of cellular phone text messages may be subject to service provider charges.

Thanks for your application! We'll get back to you soon.

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